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The single biggest challenge for a company our size is manufacturing. If you are operating purely for profit, manufacturing in countries known to have cheaper production costs is appealing. However, If your product is cheaply produced, you are probably sacrificing quality somewhere along the way.

We have always been aware of the charade most manufacturers maintain about their quality control and lower wages. We don't like cheap feeling products. And we definitely don't like people getting paid less.

So we found compromise in a little place called South Korea. 

South Korean manufacturers are able to compete with lower production costs by maintaining their reputation of having more advanced machinery, outputting quality fabrics, and treating their employees better. What company wouldn't want their manufacturer to have more reasonable work hours, paid leave, and a minimum working age of fifteen?

China average hourly wages in manufacturing: $3.99

South Korea average hourly wages in manufacturing: $21.91

We see it pretty simple. You get what you pay for. We are willing to make less profit, to ensure a superior product for our consumer. So yes, there is a higher cost associated with producing a higher quality product. We just so happened to find a way to do it responsibly as well ;)

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-AR Team

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